Coach Melissa Dowling

The Bladder Queen

Hey, there!

Coach Mel here. Thank you so much for scoping out my page!

Here's a few deets about me so we can get to know each other better:

- I love to bust out in dance. Whether there's music or not...

- I laugh WICKED loud (Northeast girl, ya know?)

- I'm 5'11" and am obsessed with barefoot shoes.

My ultimate passion though is helping you conquer the barriers holding you back from nailing your health and wellness goals. 

I help women who:

Avoid working out at the gym or going for walks with your friends because you know you'll leak and it'll be super embarrassing.


Struggle to get motivated to work out.

Eat all the things in sight just at the thought of dieting.

Can't do the physical activities they love because of pain.

Girlfriend, THERE'S HOPE. Let me just tell you that there are SO MANY THINGS you can do to help stop leaking. I will teach you how to get motivated. We will develop strategies to keep you consistent without worsening your pain. And along the way, you'll get stronger and more confident. ALL THE WINS!!