Coach Mel

Coach Melissa Dowling is an ACE Certified Personal Trainer which has been extremely rewarding. Being a board-certified Physical Therapist she has always helped people rehabilitate from injuries, but struggles with the demands of insurance companies who always seem to cut off patients benefits just as we start to move into the conditioning phase of recovery. So, she started referring patients to local personal trainers that she trusted to help her discharged patients move into that next phase of recovery.

Then she realized, "Wait. That's where my passion lies. Helping people stay consistent, motivated in changing behaviors and habits, and becoming resilient humans!" 

She specializes in working with postnatal women, even earning her Certified Pre- and Postnatal Coach education from Girls Gone Strong. She has worked with women who leak with lifting, jumping, running, squatting, walking, and simple daily activities to establish their best core connection to stop leaking.

She firmly believes that teaching is the top priority in getting her clients to be able to engage and embrace the methods used for them to reach their goals. Coaching is used to help her clients move from that learning phase to the DOING phase. Support is used to consistently keep doing in order to get to the transformation - your end goal!

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