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Online Personal Training

*Feeling like you don't know where to start?

*Overwhelmed with all of the information on the internet and social media?

*Have you ever started a program, but soon after fizzled out?

Coach Melissa Dowling is here to help you!

First, you apply for coaching by clicking here: 

Then we schedule our first introductory call where we dive deeper into why you have certain goals, what is getting in your way, and how to bust through these barriers.

- We work on goal setting so we have a VERY clear destination and map out how we get you there.

- I take you through a movement screen to assess areas you need to work on mobility, flexibility, and strength to move better with less pain and discomfort.

- I design an exercise program that works for you and where you currently are in life. Only have 10 minutes a day? No problem. We'll make those 10 minutes count. Only have time 2 days a week? No big deal! Have no equipment - don't worry. We can get you on a killer program without any "gym stuff."

- I will take you through your first workout LIVE to help you really understand the purpose of the exercise and teach you the best form for your body and use certain teaching techniques to help you move better, reduce your risk for injury and get the most out of the exercises.

- You track your workouts.

- We'll address your nutrition if that is in line with your goals.

- You check-in EVERY WEEK. How's your water intake, how did you feel this week, what was your number one win, how can I continue to support you...

- You have full access to me through email! Any questions, comments, support needs - you've got it!

Sound good? Well, then click the link below to apply!

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