5 Strategies to Help You Stop Leaking

Here are 5 habits that contribute to leaking and strategies to improve each one!

1. Avoiding water intake in an attempt to leak less.

Many women drink less water because they think their bladder will fill with less urine and therefore there won’t be as much urine in there to leak. First off, the kidneys are going to continue to process out toxins and the things it needs to whether you are drinking water or not. Seconds, less water can lead to very concentrated urine causing the bladder lining to become irritated and contribute to leaking.

STRATEGY: Try drinking half your body weight in ounces of water a day. To assess the amount of water that is best for you - check your pee color (shoot for lime to lemon juice colored)!


2. Hovering over the toilet

Do you avoid sitting on toilets and do the hover squat over the toilet seat? When you do this the pelvic muscles are unable to relax causing strain on the pelvic floor. Over time this can weaken your pelvic floor muscles and contribute to leaking.

STRATEGY: Sit on the toilet!


3. Just-in-case Pees

We’ve all been there. “I should go just in case.” Just in case of what?! If you decided to empty your bladder when it wasn't even close to being stretched to its full capacity, over time this can contribute to needing to use the toilet more frequently.

STRATEGY: Use the toilet if you have the urge to go. No urge? Don't go.


4. Don’t practice kegels while peeing

Were you told to stop your pee stream to practice kegels? When we sit on the toilet to pee, the brain triggers the bladder muscle to contract and move the pee through the urethra and out of the body. If you stop the flow of pee by doing kegels, it can cause the brain to learn to trigger the bladder muscle to squeeze when you aren’t sitting on the toilet. That's definitely going to contribute to unwanted leaks!

STRATEGY: Practice kegels any other time other than while peeing.


5. Avoid constipation

Straining to make a bowel movement when constipated is really hard on the pelvic floor muscles. Repetitive straining can cause a weakening of the muscles over time. That’s the last thing we want when we are struggling with leaking!

STRATEGY: Drink plenty of water, eat your fiber (25g-35g is recommended for women per day) and get in some physical movement daily (a walk or two, 30 minutes of moderate intensity exercise, clean the house) to help support healthy bowels!

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