Coach versus Trainer

I help women through 1:1 and Group Coaching learn healthy behaviors that will help then FEEL better and be sustainable for the long run.

I’m a certified personal trainer, a certified pre-and postnatal coach, and a physical therapist.

So why do I consider myself a COACH versus a trainer or even versus a physical therapist?

Well, think back to when you had a coach when you were a kid.

Maybe you played soccer, or softball, field hockey, or ran track/CC. Maybe you were like me and had coaches that were dance instructors and marching band leaders.

No matter what the activity, think about your favorite coach.

Your coach taught you the skills you needed to be efficient at the sport/activity. Your coach gave you technique tips and strategized plays to help you win. Your coach celebrated your successes with you and patted you on the back on your losses. Your coach was there for you when you needed to talk about life things th

at were unrelated to your sport. Your coach was your advisor, cheerleader, teacher, and support.

My favorite coach is Ms. Laurie Gosselin Connors, owner, and operator of Dance Techniques in my home town of Spencer, Massachusetts. I didn’t realize until beyond college how much she did for us growing up. She helped me and my dance mates learn to be respectful, confident, brave, dedicated, and genuinely kind humans. Growing up is tough, especially as a girl, amiright?! Having an adult other than a parent or family member be there for you unconditionally is a gift. She wrote letters of recommendation, she offered to be a reference on my resume, she always posts “You rock, Missy!” on my FB feed. She has never stopped supporting me and so many of her dancers. She so genuinely cares about her students. She’s our rock, friend, and forever part of my tribe


I want to be for you what Laurie IS for me!

That’s why I’m a COACH. What I give you goes way beyond a personal training sesh. I want you to move better, feel confident, achieve your goals and then set NEW ones. I want to celebrate your wins and virtually hug you when things get hard. Got it?

So, if one on one coaching is terrifying to you (it can be to an extent - I’ve been there. It’s a lot of pressure sometimes!), give my group coaching program a try. We’re going to work out together on the Zoom every Monday night for 8 weeks. You’re going to learn a new healthy behavior (the big rocks that really get you feeling better without overwhelming you) every week and to support that learning, you are going to a challenge. Because we both know you can have ALL the information, but taking that step towards DOING is freaking hard! I’ll have open office hours on Facebook live in our private group once a month so you can ask me anything you want. AND you’ll have other ladies doing it with you. Your support group for 8 weeks. And hell, if it goes really well, we’ll do another 8 weeks. Let’s take it one step at a time, though.

You with me?! Apply here:



aka Coach Mel, Missy, Missy Graves, Meliss, MDow

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