Drink Water!

Updated: Feb 1, 2020

I have a client who came to me complaining of stress urinary incontinence. It happened when she stood up from sitting for a long time, sometimes with carrying laundry down the stairs and even during her daily walk with her husband in the evenings. She always leaked when she did squats for exercise. She was frustrated, to say the least, and ready to make a change.

I recommended she fill out a bladder diary so we could check for patterns in her daily habits. Turns out, at best she would drink 2 of those tiny water bottles a day. You know, the TINY ones. That was only two 8-oz waters. And that was on a good day. She drank coffee in the morning and at lunch. Wine with dinner and before bed.

I suggested she increase her water intake by 8 oz every 3 days (baby steps!). Within a week she wasn't leaking on her walks. Within 2 weeks she wasn't leaking at all!

This isn't the story for everyone. But it just goes to show that a simple change in dietary habit can bring big gains. It did for her. Success!

Need some help figuring out if your dietary habits may be contributing to your leaking? Send me a message on the contact page!

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