Goodbye Inner Mean Girl.

You already know that beating yourself up with your negative mental chatter isn’t helping anything.

Think about this - your bestie texted you and was like “OMG I’M DISGUSTING AND HAVE NO SELF-CONTROL. IT’S RIDICULOUS. I SUCK!”

Would you say: “Yeah you do suck and you are gross.”


“Oh my gosh no! Sometimes I feel this way too, but you’re beautiful and funny and so smart!”

Right. You’d say something like the second line.

So if you’d NEVER say negative things to your friend, kid, or even your mortal enemy, then WHY is it okay to say it to yourself?

Even the dog or cat gets more positive affirmations than you give yourself! "Oh Buddy, you are the cutest dog ever! You're such a good boy."

Your inner mean girl needs to be silenced. She has taken over, but she is NO LONGER WELCOME HERE.

So, starting to shift from negative affirmations to positive affirmations can help to significantly build your confidence and self-love. It can help keep you consistent with your behavior changes and motivated to keep pushing towards your health and fitness goals. And let’s be honest, life is better with more love than hate.

Now it's action time:

- Choose 2 words that describe what you like about yourself.

- Write them down. On the bathroom mirror, on the whiteboard in the kitchen, in your planner, in a self-love journal, somewhere. WRITE THEM DOWN THOUGH. No skipping this part.

- Now, every day, say them out loud. Speaking out loud sets a commitment to yourself. It makes it real. "I like how tall I am and I like my new hair cut."

EVERY DAY say you two words out loud. Then, when you truly do believe these 2 words, find 2 more things you like about yourself. Write those down with the other 2 words. Now you say 4 words every day.

There are many ways to start navigating a mindset shift. This is just one. I certainly am no psychologist/counselor/social worker, but there is PLENTY of research out there documenting that slowly changing that self-loathing mean girl mental chatter to loving caring girl mental chatter makes a BIG DIFFERENCE in your life.

Your thoughts form your reality. What kind of reality do you want?


<3 Coach Mel

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