How to stop leaking with weightlifting

This weeks’ post goes out to the ladies peeing their pants, or the floor, with lifting heavy things.


You deadlift 120#. Went well. Next set you increased to 135#. Still good. You’ve got more in the tank. Third set you hit it at 150# and on the third rep there it goes. Pee released. WHAT THE HELL. Now you're pissed off, embarrassed and maybe even disappointed. That’s a recipe to ruin a good workout high.

So what can you do to stop leaking with lifting?

Whether it’s with the deadlift, squatting, pull-ups, bench press or other compound movements, pressure management is where it’s at. If you can’t manage your internal pressure with heavy lifting then bearing down will occur and you will leak!

How do you manage your internal pressures?

Here are a few tips:

  1. Check your posture

This tip comes up on most of my blog posts regarding leaking. If you are thrusting your chest upwards or tilting your pelvis too much, your diaphragm and pelvic floor lose their coordination connection. Your deep abs and deep low back may get out of sync as well. Then the glutes have trouble doing their job to help hold it all together. So, check your ribcage over pelvis alignment so you can set your internal system up for success!

  1. Check you breath

Many lifters hold their breath to move the weight. Whether it’s a barbell, dumbbell, or your body weight, when you hold your breath the pressure pushes downwards and you could be bearing down through your pelvic floor. What to do? Inhale to prepare, exhale out a little blip of air as you start to move the load. Som find that releasing all of their air through the lift helps too. You’ll have to try both out and figure out what works best for you! Example: Inhale when you lower into your squat, exhale as you stand up. Another example: Inhale as you set your deadlift, exhale a bit out as you stand up.

  1. Check your resistance

Maybe your system just isn’t ready for the load that you leaked on. Work at the resistance that you were last successful with for reps to build up your strength and coordination. If you have no leaks, then try the next level of load. Maybe you usually increase by 10%; try increasing by 5% instead. If you nail it without leaking, then try 10%. If you leaked at 10%, go back to 5% and rep it out.

  1. Know how to lift your pelvic floor up and in

If you are bearing down through the pelvic floor, you will leak. So as you lift your weight, exhale a bit AND kegel! Lifting your pelvic floor up and in will close off the urethra to prevent leaking. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, then join the 5-Day Kegel Challenge on Facebook to learn exactly how to do it! Link to join:

Comment below with any questions, comments, concerns or additional suggestions to help stop leaking with weightlifting!

See the shape of those lips! I was exhaling to stand up during this Crossfit lifting competition.

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