The Great Outdoors and its Health Benefits

Here's what I love about outdoor adventures:

No one telling me what to think.

No one telling me what to do.

No one talking at me.

No screen to be attached to.

No chair to be stuck at.

No mask-wearing.

All of the fresh air.

All of the delicious smells or leaves, dirt, salty ocean, and pine trees.

All of the amazing sounds of running water, wind in the trees, critters scampering, running water, crunching of my shoes on the ground and birds chirping.

All of the beautiful sights of changing colors, pine cones, fallen trees, ponds, lily pads, stones, roots and sunshine.

All of the feelings of freedom, plush pine needle covered ground, stones pushing into the soles of my feet, deep breaths and warmth from the sun.

It's a full, mindful, healthy experience. And I just cannot get enough of it!

It took a breakdown in my hormonal system last year and a pandemic this year to help me realize what healthy means to me.

My non-negotiables are:

  1. Hydrate with water to reduce brain fog, headaches, dry skin, and body aches.

  2. Nourish my system with balanced delicious meals and snacks to feel satiated, reduce cravings that lead to binge eating, and build lean muscle mass.

  3. Move my body EVERY DAY by escaping out into mother nature or lifting heavy things at home to clear my mind, maintain good cardiac, bone, and joint health, and build strength and confidence.

  4. Sleep well. I’m a wreck if I get a crap night of sleep. I've got my sleep routine down pat.

  5. Breathe and take mindful moments. Because mental health is as important as physical health.

Do these sound like daily actions you need, but are just too overwhelmed to make it happen?

Well lucky for you, I have an 8-Week Group Coaching Program that teaches you WHY these daily actions are important, HOW to implement them, STRATEGIES to stay consistent and the SUPPORT of a coach and fellow group members that are striving for the same, but with their own individual goals.

If this sounds like just what you need to help you feel good, then it is time to TAKE ACTION. Enrollment for group coaching is open NOW until Tuesday 10/27/20. Click this link to learn more:

Already know you are ready for this? Apply here!

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