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Two people asked me the other day where my before photo is to go with my post earlier in the week. Here’s the link to see it if you missed it.

… There is no before photo.

I didn’t take one.

It didn’t even cross my mind to do that.

Let me share my story with you:

I decided to start seriously weight training 3 years ago when I declared myself done with asking others to open my water bottle caps and jar tops. I was tired of being whiny and not pulling my weight every time my husband and I moved (we moved A LOT). I just wanted to stack wood easier.

Guys, I couldn’t even get a wine cork out without asking for help.

I was always a tall, skinny, gangling gal lacking flexibility and strength.

My mom would say to me growing up “you’re such a weakling!” in a loving way, but you know how things like that stick with you. I was also really "klutzy" as she would say through ages 9-14ish. That’s what happens when your bones grow a mile a minute over a 2 year period.

So, I turned 32 and said, ”I’m done with this.” Seriously. A month later I joined Crossfit with my pal Zoe (Power in numbers = confidence, right?!).

I remember during the first class we were to go get 10lb plates from the center of the gym and carry them over to our “woman’s” (35#) barbell. I could barely get my fingertips under the plate. Then I had to carry them one at a time with two hands with it propped across the front of my pelvis, waddling over to the bar on the floor. Never mind getting them on the bar by myself!

Then one day I carried a 10lb plate in each hand by my side and was like OMG. My hand and arm strength are getting better!! I was so proud. And empowered. So I kept working at it.

I stopped Crossfit for many reasons, but the major one was due to a neck/shoulder injury which I attribute to pull-ups. I got some help to learn how to move better (yes PTs/trainers need PTs and trainers too!) and Zoe and I decided to continue our strengthening journey with weight lifting in a regular gym.

We had a great time! We’d meet sometimes 4 days a week at the gym after work and on the weekend. She was training for her first bodybuilding competition, I was there to lift and hang out with my friend. Just goes to show how an accountability buddy can really help with consistency. My goal never changed - to be able to feel strong enough to do the things around my house and property without feeling miserably weak.

Soon came the time when my husband asked me to help him carry our grill off the back deck to get ready for winter. It’s down 6 stairs. So I grabbed a side and carried it down the stairs. No whining, no almost dropping it, no asking for rest breaks. He noticed. I noticed. It was AWESOME.

My journey shifted last year to help my body recover from coming off of hormonal birth control after 17 years. It wasn’t easy. I got sick. Ended up at the ED. A “thyroid storm” I was told. I researched and consulted a naturopath on foods, supplements, and stress management to help my system balance out. I couldn’t lift during that time because I was so fatigued. Easy yoga flows in the mornings before work was about all I could manage and that was okay. I was healing. I remember one day I felt good enough to try to go for a walk. I made it a quarter-mile and had to turn around. I was frustrated for a minute, but then shifted my mindset to recognize that I was doing everything I could to help myself feel better and that i was a process. I remember all I wanted was to FEEL BETTER. Eventually, I did. Now it’s my mission to maintain this. Because I NEVER want to feel like that again.

You won’t find any more muscle pics on my social media. You won't find before an after photos. Because I’m not here to show you all my gains every day of the week. There is no "after," there's always more. That post I did, was crazy difficult for me. I don’t even like wearing a bikini at the beach, so putting a picture up for everyone to see was a struggle for me. Funny, it got the most comments out of any post I’ve put up over the past 2 years. I appreciate the comments, but I hope some heard and resonated with my message in the text of that post.

For some folks, “before” photos can create a barrier to start making changes. Over the years, our garbage diet culture and marketing strategies have been justified by physical changes. Do these people FEEL good? Can’t ask them, so who knows.

With that being said, I do have a 1:1 coaching client that does 1x/month photos. Sure, we are seeing changes as she loses weight, but we also see amazing changes in her posture, the glisten of confidence in her eye, and her slowly evolving smile each month. We celebrate how she squats so much easier and can recognize when her posture at her desk is triggering shoulder/neck pain. She has strategies to improve her posture or stand up from her desk to help manage this. You won’t see me sharing her before/after photos on social media. First of all, those are her pictures and it’s her privacy. Second, there is no “after.” She always develops a new goal when she meets one. There’s always more.

That’s why the purpose of my new group coaching program is aimed to help women learn the strategies to FEEL BETTER.. Not to lose weight (which you might), not to get super muscles (which you might, but not in 8 weeks time), not to do an amazing before and after transformation photo. Literally to feel better. It could be improved energy, less pain, more confidence… that’s the stuff I’m talking about!

So I’m here to help you START to feel better, learn the basics for improving your health from the inside and on the outside because that’s what I’m about. And it seems like a lot of you are too since you’re joining the program!! I CAN’T WAIT TO GET STARTED!! 08/30/20!

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