What Do You Train For?

Updated: Feb 1, 2020

Is it more important to you to "look good" or to "feel good?" Maybe both?

I train to feel good - to be stronger in my daily life and not have aches and pains during simple tasks.

Some people love burpees and good for you if you do! I hate them. For me, there isn't ever a time I expect I will need to do a burpee to put me ahead in life. So I'm all set.

Pull ups always irritate my shoulder - personally, it is very rare that I need to pull my full body weight up with my hands overhead. Maybe hiking, but I usually don't do strenuous hikes like that.

I train for life. I train for health. I train to set a good example for my family and friends.

Maybe you want to vacuum your house without leaking, or walk up 2 flights of stairs without breathing heavy at the top. Not all training goals are for round deltoids or a bigger booty! But if those are your goals, go get 'em!

Now come on, tell me what your training goals are in the comments!

I train to go for day hikes to see cool nature things!


Coach Mel

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