What To Do When The Scale Number Isn't Changing...

Happy New Year, friends!

After a pretty rough one all around, I'm getting more clients looking for help with losing weight.

One of the barriers we often run into is when that dreaded number isn't decreasing on the scale.

Been there?

Yep, it's a frequent struggle.

It can be exceptionally difficult to keep trying to lose weight when you don't see that number move.

You know deep down inside that it's not all about that number. You're feeling better, have more energy, can walk farther without getting winded, can carry the laundry up the stairs more easily, and that pair of pants fits a little better (you know the one).

But none of these matter to you right now because all you can focus on is the scale number.

So what do you do?


Do not quit.

If you quit, that number will certainly not move in the direction of your goal.

Keep taking action.


Get a whiteboard, chalkboard, journal, sticky note on the mirror - whatever works for you - and every time you notice a little change, write it down!

✨Those pants fitting better - win.

✨No more afternoon energy crash - win.

✨Walked the beach without back pain - win.

✨No headaches for a week - win.

These little changes add up to you feeling good and having the ability to keep on going with your new routines and habits. A nice reminder helps you to realize that the beautiful changes are happening, even if the scale number hasn't changed.


My clients are often surprised by their monthly progress. We look at their posture, body morph, muscle tone, and facial expression (often they go from a serious face to a smiling face which can mean they are feeling better and more confident) to name a few. A monthly side by side review can be a huge booster if you are having that scale number bog you down.


The scale may not have budged, but you're down an inch at your waist! Does that mean you didn't lose weight? Absolutely not.

As you gain muscle the scale may not budge, but that doesn't mean you aren't losing fat. Therefore, the weight number may not change for a while.

Remember: the goal is FAT LOSS. The number on the scale can change whether you lose muscle or fat. You'll be better served in your overall health and function by gaining muscle and that may mean you will not see that number budge for a while.

And finally, remember to be patient. This takes time and work. Stick with it. It will happen. You've got this!

✌️ Coach Mel

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