Group Coaching

With Coach Mel

8-Week Group Coaching Program

I help women who are ready to ditch the diets and fad workout programs for sustainable long-term habits to move better, feel awesome, and amazingly confident!

This program is for you if you want to:

Move Better and Feel Better -  working to keep mobile joints mobile and stable areas stable will help you feel better during your daily activities with less pain. It will help to reduce the risk and progression of arthritis, improve your posture, and reduce bladder leaking.

Build Strength and Resiliency - Wishing you could open those jars without asking someone to do it for you? Is picking up your kid getting harder as he/she gets bigger? Does carrying the laundry basket up 2 floors making your huff and puff? This program will progress you into building full-body strength so you can tackle your daily chores with less strain and effort.

Tackle Overall Wellness - If your goal is to shed some weight AND keep it off, then this program is for you! Learn the sustainable ways to do this - yes it's the slow route. But how many times have you dieted, just to realize that you can't do it? This time is for real. Learn how drinking water, having a sleep routine, eating more protein and crafting balanced meals can be way less tortuous and MORE effective than what you have done before.




              8-Week program starting Sunday 08/30/20

  • Sunday Email: The Lesson of the Week!

  • Weekly Challenge

  • Monday night: LIVE Zoom workout! 6:30PM EST

  • The call will be recorded and sent to you do you can do the workout again that week, 2 more times is even better!

  • Weekly FB Group accountability check-ins​

  • 1x/month Open Office Hours on the FB group where you can ask all the questions and chat with me!

More Details:

This program is for a group of women who want to slowly start to

develop sustainable habits that will help you

move better,

support your nutritional health,

and provide accountability and support!


Here's the deal:

For 8 weeks, every Sunday you get a lesson emailed to you. They include: goal setting, water intake, cardio, protein intake, fiber and bowel health, bladder health, ergonomic/posture tips, and finally, goal review. 


Each lesson has a challenge. Ex: working through a goal setting worksheet,  hitting your water goal for 7 days straight, etc. 


On Monday nights we do a live Zoom workout! Can't make it? NBD. I'm recording them so you can do it  2 times during that week. The first 2 weeks will focus on mobility and stability. We're going to take the time to prep your joints to make exercise more comfortable and to reduce risk for injury. We'll work on your wrist, shoulder, upper back, hip, and ankle mobility and wake up your core and postural stability. Some of these exercises will be worked into your warm-up and cool-down for the following 2 weeks. During the second part of the first month, we’ll start improving movement patterns. Here we are going to work on your for squat form, lifting form, balance, push-up form, and lunge form. These 2 weeks will set you up for the final 4 weeks where we move into strength training! Don't worry if you don't have access to weights or equipment - the program is designed without them.


Why so much prep work the first 4 weeks? Because we generally are losing our mobility, whether it's age, inactivity, work demands, or injuries that cause us to move less efficiently. Before diving into strength training, it's important to learn how to move better again to then build strength in the safest and most effective ways!


There will be little surprises along the way to help you keep going. And you can always reach out for support in the Facebook group! It’s also used for check-ins and I will do at least an hour on the  4th and 8th week of open office hours where I'll be live and wait for members to come on and ask questions/chat. Or you can send you questions ahead of time and I'll answer it in the Live! Often times part of the weekly challenge is to post in the group for accountability.

Does this sound like a good program for you and to help you start to conquer your goals?

Then click the button to fill out an application to join!